If I had to describe Isa…

When I first met Isa in a dorm in Bali, this gorgeous Dutch, I felt immediatly the friendship feeling. This kind of lifes evidence, that we feel at once. And I was right, she was my sunshine for the next 10 days, 10 days of unforgettable friendship.




It’s hard to explain how cool it was and how lucky I was to spend this time with Isa, but she knows ! As crazy as I am, and you can believe me it’s a huge compliment (Of course the world needs insanity! ). And I just feel thankful for this fun, powerful, true, did I already say fun ?! time with you, my Komang Isa ! It’s unreal to meet someone who exactly knows you at 12.272,03 km from home : but it happened. 



Actually, my friendship with Isa is personal and I just don’t want to put under the spot my life or my friends, even if I totally love this beauty on pictures. But it’s to share a symbol of  friendship, people meeting and chance, that I’m sure happened to everybody or will.




With Isa, we met Chris (Hey Chris ! Go Hawthorn 😉 ) a good vibes, traveler (smart^^) Australian guy !




We stayed all together for few days in a kind of secret paradize beach in Bali. Like a family, no need to speak for hours in the front of the sea, and all night long speaking … This kind of moment unreal, out of time, so precious.







And when I think about them, I think of these daily non-stop laughs … !!!


isachris-6 isachris-7 isachris-8 isachris-9


I WANT TO HUG YOU ! Right now !